Wetpour Repair

Wetpour Repair

When a Wetpour Repair is installed with wet pour safety surfaces it is vital that this is looked after correctly in order to keep children safe. If the surface is not maintained correctly it can become damaged or sink into the ground and this could lead to accidents involving young children. A resurfacing expert can come out to repair any damage caused to the wet pour rubber crumb surface and restore it back to a safe standard for kids to play on.

Wetpour can be repaired with a quick and easy process known as a ‘recap’ or wet pour rubber overlay. This involves adding a new 15 mm layer of wet pour over the existing installation restoring it to a brand-new look and feel without the need for it to be removed and re-laid. We can also add a new colour at this point to make the whole surface look brighter and visually more appealing for children.

Common Wetpour Playground Issues and How to Fix Them

If wet pour is left unattended over time it can start to shrink around the edges and this may cause a trip hazard. If you notice this it is recommended that it is fixed straight away with a simple band repair that will fix the issue and prevent it from getting worse.

This is done by cutting into the surface and filling the area with a colored EPDM rubber wet pour to match the original installation. This is a quick and affordable method of repairing a wetpour surface. It can also be used on CSBR, EPDM, and other types of bonded rubber safety surfacing.