Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa Has Launched

Spain’s long-awaited digital nomad visa spain has officially launched, and it’s attracting lots of interest. The country’s new visa program aims to attract remote workers to its shores by offering them tax breaks and other benefits. The visa is available to both freelancers and those who work for foreign companies.

Is there tax on nomad visa in Spain?

To be eligible for the visa, you must be a non-EU citizen who works remotely and has a steady stream of income that supports your living expenses. You also need to have a valid passport and a health insurance policy. You can use the visa to stay in Spain for up to five years.

You can apply for the visa through your local embassy or consulate. You’ll need to provide all the necessary documentation, including proof of your income and a letter from your employer saying that you can do your job from anywhere in the world.

The visa is designed to encourage remote work and boost the country’s tech scene. It’s one of several new visa programs that have recently been introduced by European countries in an effort to attract teleworkers.