Buying Baby Clothes That Will Last


Babies grow so fast that the outfit you bought last week could be too small for your baby in a matter of days.

That’s why it’s important to buy baby.clothes that will last, even if you’re on a budget.

Choose fabrics that are soft, breathable, and absorbent for your baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton is a popular choice, but there are also eco-friendly fabrics like azlon from soy and rayon from bamboo that are good for your little one’s delicate skin.

When comparing brands, be sure to check their size chart before making a purchase. Different brands run differently, so you’ll want to make sure the sizing chart matches up with your baby’s measurements.

Brands for Baby Organic Clothing: Stylish and Sustainable Options”

Newborn: The smallest size of baby clothes, newborn sizes fit babies up to eight pounds. Consider buying clothes in 0-3 months and 6-12 months sizes as well to have a variety of options on hand.

Day: For daytime wear, consider cute baby dresses or rompers. These are ideal for leaving the house but can be a bit more difficult to dress as they don’t have a lot of room.

Night: For nighttime, your little one needs a few sets of footie pajamas to keep them comfortable. You may also want to invest in a pair of fleece footie pajamas if you live in a colder climate.

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