Area Rug Cleaning Services

Area rug cleaning services

Area rug cleaning services are a must to keep your rug clean, healthy and looking beautiful. Whether it is in a high-traffic living room, in front of a dining table or tucked into the corner of your bedroom, rugs are prone to dirt, dust and spills. Regular professional cleaning helps prevent the build-up of chemical residues and keeps colors from fading. It also promotes a longer lifespan for your rug.

Often, the area rugs in our homes get more traffic than wall-to-wall carpeting. They are also designed to decorate the home and protect hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting from damage. Area rugs also act as giant air filters, trapping dirt, dust and allergens on the floor rather than letting them escape into the air we breathe. It is important that they stay clean and free of contaminants to prevent them from becoming gritty, uncomfortable or even moldy.


Preserving Elegance: The Complete Guide to Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

When you bring an area rug in for professional cleaning, the cleaning expert will inspect it to determine its fibers, construction and stain levels. They will then groom the rug with a carpet brush to set the nap and provide soil and stain guard protection (optional). They will then wash the area rug in a special cleaning pit using wool-safe products. They will also agitate and treat any spots and apply deodorizers as needed. Then they will rinse the area rug thoroughly and wring it dry. Once the area rug is completely dry, they will wrap it in brown paper and return it to your home.