Advantages of a 3G Or 5G Football Pitch

When it comes to football surfaces there has been a great deal of innovation over the last few decades. From the very first Astroturf to an industry constantly churning out new designs and technology.

A number of clubs have opted for artificial turf surfaces to replace their grass pitches as they offer many benefits over natural grass surfaces which include:

One of the main advantages that a 5g football pitch offers is that it encourages technically better play because of the consistent roll and bounce of the ball across the surface. This means that players can use the full surface of the pitch allowing them to make more runs and improve their speed of play. Additionally, these types of surfaces are more stable and a player can kick the ball much harder than on grass. This allows them to achieve greater goal scoring opportunities.


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The surfaces are also more durable and can be used in a lot of weather conditions without the need for postponements. This helps to maximise training and match availability which can help to reduce costs and boost performance levels.

There are new technologies emerging which remove the rubber crumb infill from the synthetic turf and these are referred to as 4G or 5G football pitches. However, these are still very new and at the moment have not been accredited by FIFA and other football governing bodies.

At GreenFields we are a FIFA and World Rugby Preferred Producer for both football and rugby and we can provide a complete solution for the design, construction and maintenance of your facility. Whether you need a full-sized 3G pitch to FA Quality Pro and National Ground Grading standard or a compact sand-dressed multi-use games area (MUGA) for 5-a-side football we can work with you based on your budget, requirements and site limitations.